Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Weighed In The Balance

  • Wednesday, July 27, 2011
  • Samuel Kadyakale
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    Methought I stood, one well-remembered night,
    Beside a being clad in robes of light;
    He held a balance in his mighty hand.
    I stood astonished at his stern command.
    "Thou shalt be weighed with all thy deeds," he cried,
    "With justice only on the other side."

    Methought I smiled, a calm, complacent smile,
    Thinking of all my virtuous deeds the while
    Thinking how high upon the scroll of fame
    The church and world had each inscribed my name;
    Thinking, the while, with spirit puffed with pride,
    How vast the weight against the justice side!

    I stepped upon the balances and drew
    Close to my side, within the angel's view,
    A ponderous weight, and proudly smiled to see
    How plain the roll was labeled "Charity."
    "Seest thou, O angel," smilingly I said,
    "How oft the poor and needy I have fed?"

    Then to my side I gathered, one by one,
    The pompous record of good deeds I'd done:
    The gold and silver I had given to sound
    Christ's glorious gospel to earth's farthest bound,
    The kind words spoken, and the good deeds done.
    With glowing pride I viewed them one by one.

    "Now, angel, I am ready." Quick he raised
    The mighty balance; I stood amazed!
    Lighter than foam upon the billowy sea,
    Light as the vapor, light as vanity,
    My boasted record, and of nothing worth
    The pompous work that I had wrought on earth.

    Pallid with fear, in agony I cried,
    "O Christ of Calvary! haste Thou to my side!
    One drop of precious blood shall far outweigh
    My noblest deed: stand Thou with me, I pray.
    In sore distress I helpless cling to Thee;
    O Friend of sinners, hear my earnest plea!"

    I raised my eyes; close standing by my side
    I felt the presence of the Crucified;
    And in my love and rapturous joy I heard
    The angel with the balance speak the word,
    "Justice is satisfied; thy prayer prevails;
    The mighty cross of Calvary avails."

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